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If you have been named as a beneficiary in someone’s will or trust, you have rights under that instrument as well as under Colorado statutes.


At The Law Office of Harvey J. Williamson, LLC, we represent clients throughout Colorado and from across the country with probate and trust administration concerns in Colorado. We represent estates, heirs and creditors in Colorado estate administration. This includes the following duties:

  • Filing claims against the estate

  • Administering the estate / representation of the estate's personal representative

  • Representing estate heirs and surviving spouses

  • Colorado real estate deed preparation and recording

  • Colorado ancillary probate proceedings to transfer real estate

  • Transfers of Colorado real estate into trusts and the preparation and recording of beneficiary deeds


If you are looking for assistance with your probate or trust administration matter, please contact us.

| Fiduciary Representation

Colorado's probate system allows for almost any interested party to initiate the probate process. The Law Office of Harvey J. Williamson, LLC handles both formal and informal probate, and can help you at any stage of the probate process. We also assist trustees fulfill their responsibilities as fiduciaries under trust instruments. For individuals who are named as a personal representative under a will or a trustee under a trust, we offer full-service counsel to local and out-of-state clients in Colorado probate, intestacy and trust cases. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, our activities might include any number of the following:

  • Formal or informal probate of wills

  • Notice to heirs, beneficiaries and creditors

  • Disclaimers

  • Spousal elections and family allowances

  • Inventory of assets

  • Valuation and sale of assets as necessary

  • Review, investigation and settlement or defense of claims against the estate

  • Distribution of assets and final report

| Beneficiary Representation

If you have been named as a beneficiary in someone’s will or trust, you have rights under that instrument, as well as under Colorado statutes. The Law Office of Harvey J. Williamson, LLC represents beneficiaries to ensure they are treated fairly and receive the gifts they are entitled to. In Colorado, you cannot disinherit a spouse. A spouse who receives very little by way of a will can make a claim for an elective share instead. The elective share for any given spouse will depend on the length of the marriage and tops out at about half of the estate for marriages of ten years or more. 


To schedule an initial consultation — call our Boulder and Lakewood offices directly, or complete the brief intake form located on the Contact Us page of this Web site.

Call 303-716-9666.

Mr. Williamson can help protect the value of the estate by saving time and money through every stage of estate administration. Our understanding of Colorado probate procedures can help ensure that things will be done right the first time. Our ability to guide personal representatives through the process can also protect them from liability for oversights, late filings or conflicts of interest.

If you are a beneficiary or creditor of a decedent’s estate, you have certain statutory requirements to comply with or risk losing your rights against the estate.  Our office can help you protect your rights and collect what is owed to you.  To learn more about the scope of our probate practice, contact the office of Harvey J. Williamson in Lakewood or Louisville.

| Trust administration

There are various types of trusts under which someone may be named as a fiduciary under Colorado law. A trust needs to be administered according to its terms. The trustee needs to keep accurate records of all investments made by the trust, all receipts and all disbursements made, and give all beneficiaries an accurate and timely accounting of such activity on an annual basis.The trustee is also responsible for filing income tax returns for the trust.


Harvey J. Williamson has experience advising trustees on their duties under trust agreements. We can streamline the trustee process so that both the trustee and the beneficiaries under the trust maximize the value of the trust assets. 


Call 303-716-9666 to schedule an initial consultation.

"Harvey Williamson was hired as the estate attorney for my parents’ trust. He was responsive and quick to take appropriate action. He provided me with wise counsel and good guidance, listened to my opinion and then made convincing recommendations and decisions. I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and expertise having worked with Harvey over many months to finalize the estate. I am also impressed with his high level of integrity and his pragmatic approach to law by not overcomplicating things unnecessarily. In communication with all family members involved, he remained centered, attentive and assiduous in moving the process forward while complying with and following my parents’ wishes stated in their trust. The wind down of the estate was very challenging, uncomfortable and stressful. Harvey made me feel comfortable, assured and kept me informed every step of the way. He treated me not only as a client but a friend throughout the process. I am extremely grateful for his help."
- Melitta Wagner-Heaston

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